Durable shotcrete with accelerator admixture

Fabio obtained his undergraduate civil engineering at the Universidade São Francisco in São Paulo in 2004. He has over eight years of experience as a project manager during the construction of several industrial and commercial buildings. He is currently studying his M. Sc. under the direction of M. Jolin where he intends to verify the impact of over-dosed wet- mix process shotcrete with accelerator admixture on its durability.  As a matter of fact, the need for a high initial compressive strength, in the mining industry for example, is commonly achieved by the use of high quantities of accelerator admixture, practice which jeopardizes shotcrete’s durability. This research intends to demonstrate that it is possible to work with mix designs having slump values between 5 and 15 cm and low dosages of accelerator admixture in order to assure good production and aplication of wet shotcrete so as to produce safe and durable structures.    

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