Shotcrete Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with high quality machinery to shoot either by wet or dry-mix process. An Allentown Powercreter 10M containing a 10 cubic foot mixer which hydraulically dumps the concrete into the pump hopper prior to shooting is there for the wet-mix process. On the other hand, an Aliva 246.5 with a 2.0 L rotary barrel is there for the dry-mix process.


The lab is also equipped with a rebound panel and a penetrometer to measure the amount of rebound and the consistency of shotcrete once it has been placed. Once in use, a data acquisition system is capable of measuring the air and water flux, depending on the type of application, as well as the air temperature and relative humidity of the chamber.


Because of the qualified personnel who work and do research as well as the controlled conditions the laboratory can offer, ACI C660 shotcrete nozzlemen certifications are offered in our lab at least twice a year.